Niamh Barry Scetch

Artist's Statement

I make three dimensional drawings in bronze and light. I look at beauty in nature for inspiration and am at all times adding to the "image bank" in my mind. It is not possible to pin down exact references for each particular piece but rather a life time of looking and seeing.

The beauty in the movement of the human form, in embrace, in dance, in a still moment. The beauty of low winter light penetrating the branches of bare trees.

The perfection of birds, pure beauty. The grace of their movement. The markings of their feathers, long necks and fragile delicate legs. The seeming impossibility of the heavy torsos supported on their legs and in flight.

Landscapes, the line of craters and rivers as seen from above, repeat patterns and textures of ploughed and planted fields, walls and hedges. Cloud formations. The delicacy and beauty of flowers.

Fire. To me fire is life, the light and heat is both exhilarating and comforting, it is at the centre of creation. Voids, solidity, line, negative and positive space. Confinement, freedom and space in between. Purity of line and form, truth of material.

I aspire to make work that transcends utility. I strive for simplicity and perfection, relying almost wholly on visual balance, movement and proportion.

My process begins with a series of rapid line drawings, explorations that allow me to understand in a tangible way that which lies within me. The line flows and appears on paper, repeating the process again and again to find the truth. It is in truth that we find beauty.

The final pieces are a further expression of the drawings, From the drawings I then work directly into sketch maquettes, which further inform the final piece. The finished work being three dimensional realisations of those rapid line drawings.

The use of new technology such as LED light, computer programmed lasers and drawing programs have allowed me the freedom to express in a pure way. I can use light as a drawing tool unhindered by predefined elements but with freedom to sculpt and explore, in a way not possible before.

I create work viscerally, to be seen with your eyes but to be experienced emotionally.

I try not to let my mind interfere.
I let my instinct speak, to lead the way.

Beauty is key to everything.

What I create with my gut works, what I create with my mind rarely does.

Niamh Barry Scetch